Learning How to Optimize Google AdWords

By August 20, 2012Startup Technology

I started a campaign today for the ZANKME digital download company I founded. After reading just about everything I could find on Google AdWords, I put together a campaign comprising a few ads across a couple ad groups. Then, after a call to Google to make sure I had it all straight, the campaign went live and the clicks start pouring in. That’s where the

Google adwords for zankMe.comproblem started. Take a look: The top one is mine.

One of the most important tricks to remember with Google AdWords is to be as specific as possible while appealing to as many people in your target demographic. I was a little off here. By not mentioning ‘band’ (see the second ad, which is not mine) people who saw the ad had no way of knowing I wasn’t offering a singing greeting card (there are TONS of those out there).

I was getting hundreds of impression/hr, but very low convergence on the clicks. I can only assume this is because people were trying to sent Gramma a singing poodle e-card and I just got in the way. Lesson learned. By including the one word ‘band’, I was able to make my ad much more tailored to the audience I’m looking to attract and I don’t have to pay for irrelevant clicks. Sorry Gramma! 😉


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